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Friday, February 28, 2020

@@@ Buang Hong - Thailand Drama (2017)

I haven't reviewed the drama from Thailand for a long time, where the last time was in October 2019. This time I want to review a drama titled Buang Hong (also known as: Lasso For a Swan) which aired in March 2017 for 12 episodes of romance; can be viewed HERE. Actor James Jirayu Tangrisuk as ramet was my choice as his acting was calm in the face of problems at his hotel involving Pimlapas which was initially difficult to control due to his hot temper.

James Jirayu Tangrisuk as Ramet
Kimberley Anne Woltemas as Pimlapas
Namtrip Jongrachatawiboon as Mathawee
Petch Krunnapol Teansuwan as Kittichai

This lakorn follows the downfall of a hi-so girl named Pimlapas. Her life starts out rosy; she is the daughter of a wealthy man, she has a great boyfriend and she is a well-known supermodel. Because fate can be cruel, in one day, Pimlapas loses everything. Her boyfriend dumps her and her father passes away (the stepmother swindled all his wealth). In a blink of an eye, Pimlapas is penniless and an orphan. During her desperate situation, Pimlapas is contacted by a mysterious person. They give her an offer she can't refuse. Pimlapas is assigned to steal important documents from a high-end hotel owner, Ramet, in exchange for money.

First, Pimlapas seduces Ramet with her beauty. He instantly falls for her, Pimlapas also starts to like Ramet. That's her dilemma, she falls in love with a man whom she is assigned to swindle.

On the day Pimlapas decides to steal the documents, she is caught by Ramet. Though herat-broken and disappointed, Ramet doesn't call the cops. Instead, he blackmails her and makes her a server at his hotel. Things are going well; Pimlapas pays back her debt to Ramet, but then her stepmother arrives and trouble starts to stir in her life again.
-en. Google-

'I love this scene'
'The beginning is always the hardest, don't give up'

'Nobody is good at everything since they were born. For someone they need to learn and adapt'

At first all servers did not like pimlapas because of her hot temper

In fact, Ramet does not want Pimlapas to return to her original place and the reason for Pimlapas to serve as a server is for his own safety apart from paying her debt that she cannot pay with the Ramet's Hotel.

I like the ending of this drama. 7/10 stars for this drama

StatusHati: All of the above information is from en. Google and also the drama. 


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