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Saturday, October 12, 2019

There's the most important word - 'BEING'

If I were a young woman now, I'm not sure how I'd cope with all the things that you have, the opportunities, the technology.

I'd like to think it could be a world of pleasure but I fear instead it would only be a world of pressure.

Pressure to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect friend. Pressure to be successful, a boss, a leader.

If I had my time again, I wouldn't create a 'to do list', I'd create a 'to don't do list'. I'd give myself the time to indulge in the things that I now understand are the most important.

What I wouldn't give to extend those goodnight kisses instead of moaning about having to get up early in the morning. What I wouldn't give for an extra second of cuddling my babies before they become too big to hold.

What I wouldn't give for 5 more minutes on the dance floor while my legs were still strong enough to carry me and this isn't about stopping hour fight for equality. Mine was the generation who burnt their bras but we were never in danger of burning out. No, this is simply about you as a human being.

There's the most important word - 'BEING'..
Being lost in the moment
Being at peace with the world
Being kinder to myself
Being kinder to others
Being able to let go and
Being proud to do so

Believe me, if I were a young woman now, I'd spend more time being, not doing.

We do what we can, as best as we can! When you've done that, you a SUCCESS! Money is not everything! Have a good time with your family, work hard and that's all we can do!

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