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Thursday, August 8, 2019

@@@ Two Weeks - Korean Drama (2013)

Drama bersiri Korea - 'Two Weeks' ini dikeluarkan pada tahun 2013. Drama sebanyak 16 episode yang berbentuk action thriller boleh ditonton di SINI. Watak utama Lee Joon-gi menjadi pilihan aku kali ini.

Lee Joon-gi as Jang Tae-san
Kim So-yean as Park Jae-kyung
Ryu Soo-young as Im Seung-woo
Park Ha-sun as Seo In-hye
Kim Hye-ok as Jo Seo-hee
Jo Min-ki as Moon II-seok
Lee Chae-mi as Seo Soon-jin

Jang Tae-san is a small-time gangster who has learned to survive with his fist and wits. He meets and falls in love with a college student, Seo In-hye, who sees a good heart and wounded soul underneath his tough exterior. When In-hye gets pregnant, Tae-san prepares to leave the gangster organization to start a new life with her. But he is blackmailed by the gang boss, Moon II-seok, who wants Tae-san to be his fall guy for an assault charge and go to prison in is place; II-seok threatens to kill In-hye if Tae-san refuses. So Tae-san tells In-hye to get an abortion and cruelly breaks up with her, then goes off to prison for several years.

Eight years later, Tae-san is running a small pawnshop. One day, In-hye unexpectedly pays him a visit and tells him that she cut ties with her disapproving family and had the baby after all. But her daughter Soo-jin has been diagnoned with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Since she isn't a match, that leaves Tae-san. Reeling from the discovery that he's a father and wanting to do something good for once in his meaningless life, Tae-san agrees to the undergo the surgery, which is scheduled to take place in 'TWO WEEKS'. But he becomes embroiled in political intrigue when II-seok conspires with a corrupt politicion Jo Seo-hee to frame Tae-san for the murder of an undercover agent, who had infiltrated the gang under the orders of prosecutor Park Jae-kyung. Tae-san is arrested by detective Im Seung-woo, who happens to be In-hye's current fiance. While being transported, the police car he's gets into an accident and Tae-san escapes. Now a fugitive, he is haunted by both the police and assassin, and what ensures is two weeks of his desperate struggle to save his life and his daughter's. - di SINI..

Dari en. Google

'You had no right to mess with my life from the very start!
It's that I submitted to the fear that people I cared about would get hurt.'

Pengakhiran drama ini, Jang Tae-san meninggalkan anak dan bekas isteri beliau demi masa depan mereka. Pesanan terakhir untuk bekas isteri beliau:

'Don't lose your fiance just because you feel bad for me.
Don't make this mistake again.'

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Sha Mohamed said...

Drama ini best sangat.. tambah joon gi berlakon.. lagilah best.. suka tengok aksi dalam drama nie..

ietams said...

drama ni best!
memang sedih..
keje nangis je tengok setiap kali
scene ayahnya tu struggle nak lepaskan diri

ietams said...

lepas berlakon drama ni la..
in real life heroin drama ni bertemu jodoh dgn inspektor polis tu

Suria Amanda said...

Nasib i x minat drama Korea

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