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Monday, August 5, 2019

@@@ Her Private Life - Korean Drama (2019)

Drama Korea berbentuk Romantic Comedy 'Her Private Life' mula ditayangkan pada April 2019 sebanyak 16 episode yang boleh ditonton di SINI.

Park Min-young as Sung Deok-mi
Kim Jae-wook as Ryan Gold/Heo Yoon-jae
Ahn Jae-wook as Nam Eun-gi
Jung Jae-won (ONE) as Cha Shi-an

Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young) is a talented chief curator of Cheum Museum of Art, who also happens to have a secret: She is a fanatic fangirl oh White Ocean's Cha-Shi-an (ONE). In addition, she is also the fansite manager of the famous "Shi-an is My Life". Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) is a standoffish artist who develops Stendhal syndrome, eventually retiring as an artist. After the current boos, Uhm So-hye (Kim Sun-young) gets investigate for embezzlement, Ryan Gold becomes he new Art Director of Cheum Museum of Art.

After rumors broke out claiming Deok-mi and Shi-an are dating, Ryan suggests that he and Deok-mi pretend to date to ward off Shi-an's fans who threaten to harm her. However, Sindy (Kim Bo-ra), another fansite manager of Cha Shi-an, manages to land a job as an intern in the museum to prove that Ryan and Deok-mi are a fake couple, leaving both no choice but to continue the act even at work. As the lies gets more and complicated, the situation becomes messier and messier. Will Deok-mi be able to hide her secret? Will Ryan and Deok-mi fool Sindy? Or will both of them get caught?

Sekadar untuk berkongsi sesuatu dari episode 5 (minute ke 21:06) drama ini:

'I worked out today - and you have sore muscles.'
'That's actually my specialty, take your thumb and slowly press down the back of your neck in a clockwise motion.'

'Doesn't it feel good?'
'When did you learn how to do this?'
'My muscles were always sore during my days as a trainee. I didn't have the money to receive a massage so I learned it off the Internet.'

Pengakhiran drama bersiri ini.. Hero dan Heroin 'bercantum' jua akhirnya.. 😆😄

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adianiez AIDA said...

now anak2 aida di stop kan dulu dari nonton tv.
tunggu cuti skola akhir thn.
baru la dibenarkan semula.
si adik nak upsr. si kakak pun kena sporting and support adik lah.

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