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Monday, November 18, 2019

@@@ Something in The Rain - Korean Drama (2018)

Apakah perasaan kita bila bercinta dengan lelaki yang lebih muda dari kita?
Apa pula reaksi keluarga kita bila mengetahuinya?
Apa pula tindakan kita dan pasangan kita?
The series explores the relationship of two people as they go from being "just acquaintances" to "a genuine couple".

Drama bersiri Korea Something in The Rain sebanyak 16 episode berbentuk romance ini dikeluarkan pada tahun 2018 boleh ditonton SINI. Pelakon Jung Hae-in menjadi pilihan aku aku kali ini dek kerana lakonan beliau yang menarik di dalam drama bersiri Blood di SINI..

Son Ye-jin as Yoon Jin-ah
Jung Hae-in as Seo Joon-hee
Jang S-yeon as Seo Kyung-seon
Wi Ha-joon as Yoon Seung-ho

Gambar dari en. Google..

Yoon Jin Ah is a woman in her mid-30s who doesn't know yet what it's like to date a man. She's been dumped by a man many times because of her clumsy, reckless and foolish behavior. And again, a man she wanted to marry dumps her for the worst reason ever that she's like bland, tasteless, devil's-tongue jelly, which means she's not attractive at all as a woman.
Just then, Joon Hee appears before her with a broad smile on his face. He's as refreshing as a soft drink. Joon Hee is Jin Ah's childhood best friend's younger brother, who used to live next door. Jin Ah has always remembered him a little kid, but one day, he comes back as a really masculine man. When she is surprised by his change, he gut feeling tells her that she would truly fall in love this time.

Yoon Jin-ah, a single woman in her mid-30 who works as a store supervisor in a coffee franchise. Despite being an easygoing person, she lives a rather hollow life. She suddenly feels romantic feelings towards her best friend's young brother.
Seo Joon-hee, Kyung-seon's younger brother who is character designer at a computer video game company. He has returned to the country from his work abroad after three years.
Seo Kyung-seon, Joon-hee's older sister and Jin-ah's best friend who runs a coffee shop.
Yoon Seung-ho, Jin-ah's younger brother and Joon-hee's best friend.

'You have no idea how important timing is in a relationship'

StatusHati: Esok adalah hari penting buat diriku..

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norhidana said...

hamboi kak, layan drama korea aje kejenya dia... dana layan mana yang ada kt tv je...

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