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Thursday, October 10, 2019

@@@ Game Payabaht - Thailand Drama (2017)

Kali ni drama dari Negara Thailand?
Drama dari Korea pun masih dalam waiting list nak tengok.

Macam mana aku boleh terjebak..?
Youtube.. bila tengok drama dari Thailand tak kurang hebatnya, terus tanya dekat pakcik Google.

Sebuah drama genre melodrama, 18 episode yang telah ditayangkan pada April 2017 bertajuk Game Payabaht (Game of Vengeance) menjadi pilihan aku di SINI..

Akkee is a young businessman who blames Chatchanok for his  parent's bankruptcy and suicide. Not only is Chatchanok Akkee's business rival, he is also dating his sister Wanisa. Chatchanok's mother Amphaa does not approve of Wanisa. At his younger sister Chatchabaa's party, Amphaa announces that Chatchanok is to marry Kesanee. Wanisa, distraught over hearing this news, runs away from the party and gets raped by a gang of men, causing her to go insane. Akkee blames Chatchanok for his sister's condition. He decides to take revenge by kidnapping Chatchabaa (Chatchanok's sister) and taking her to an abandoned island where he tortures her physically and emotionally. Chatchabaa willingly sacrifices herself for her brother's sake hoping to cool Akkee's anger. However, things don't always go as planned as Akkee starts developing feelings for Chatchabaa and learns that someone else may be behind Wanisa's attack.

Teokongsap Rattapoom as Akke
Amy Klinpratoom asChatchabaa/Chabaa
Knomjean Kullamas Limpawut as Ji
Sapunpohng Anuchit as Chatchanok/Chat

'I hate the most people who betray. How I can trust them anymore?'

How will his game of vengeance end?

'My heart belongs to me. It's doesn't to anyone. Just that I'm not ready to give my heart to anyone. That's all.'

Sumber pakcik Google

'A person with good heart will never choose the wrong thing.'
'Some of the thing that we choose might be wrong to other people. But if we choose for ourselves already then there's no way that you'll regret.'

StatusHati: Demam + batuk masih belum sembuh.


  1. suka juga dulu dulu tgk drama thailand... pelakonnya hensem dan comel semua

  2. wah kak, aku tak minat cite thailand... selalunya cintan meleret2 hehehe...
    aku drama melayu pun tak tengok sgt... hehehe

  3. Satu2nya karya seni dari thailand yg akak tgk-nang nak...

  4. Drama thai uncle tak minat... Masakan thai, uncle minat! haha


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